Shuaib Manjra: Nomination to serve on UCT Council

Dear Friends

I have been nominated, and accepted to stand for a position on the UCT Council.

I hope to make a contribution to the future of UCT in these challenging times and request your vote and support  in this election.

My profile, abridged CV and statement of intent (which was restricted to 200 words) is included on the website. My statement of intent is also copied below.

6 candidates will be elected out of a 27 nominated and each person can vote for up to six persons. There are some really worthy candidates.

I apologise if you are not an alumnus of UCT and have received this mail but am sure you know of many whose support you can solicit.

The link  to the profiles and to vote electronically  is given below.

If you are not registered with the UCT Development and Alumni Department (DAD) you may not have received the notice below. However you can email, and request a username and password to participate in the electronic ballot.

I implore you to use this democratic right to contribute to the future of UCT so that we together can bring positive change.

Please call me should you have any queries.


Shuaib Manjra



As an alumnus, staff member, parent of a current student and a conscious, active member of civil society I am acutely aware of the numerous challenges facing UCT within the context of our dynamic society. These include advancing academic excellence, transformation in the broadest sense, granting fair access, fair employment practices and good corporate governance within severe budgetary constraints and rising student and public expectation. Most challenging however is the poor school system in disadvantaged areas which presents the greatest impediment to access, and is largely beyond the control of the university. My commitment is to bring my varied experiences to the collective and find balance in addressing these critical issues in a sustainable way that takes into account the needs and expectations of the university’s various constituencies while maintaining its position as Africa’s premier university. To find the delicate balance between access and excellence is a universal challenge.

I am committed to deconstructing glib terms so that they inform, rather than obfuscate a clarity of vision and purpose: ‘excellence’, ‘access’, ‘transformation’, ‘African university’, ‘race and class’, ‘sustainability’, etc. Also imperative is how UCT produces not only graduants for a market, but conscious citizens and continues to enhance human knowledge.



UCT Convocation election

Nominations for members of Council elected by Convocation closed on 22 April 2016. Twenty seven nominations were received for the six available seats on Council and an electronic ballot will be held.

View the candidates’ statements and abbreviated CVs

Members of Convocation who have registered email addresses with the UCT Development and Alumni Department (DAD) can vote for up to six of these candidates. Email notifications have been sent to those members of Convocation for whom DAD has email addresses. If you do not have a registered email address with the Development and Alumni Department, please email, and request a username and password to participate in the electronic ballot. Once verified, you will receive a username, password and voting instructions by email within 8 business hours.

Go to the eBallot login page

Voting opens at 08:30 SAST on Monday, 9 May and will close at noon SAT on 22 May 2016.


Convocation consists of the graduates (i.e. holders of UCT degrees and diplomas, including honorary graduates), Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, professors, emeritus professors, associate professors, emeritus associate professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, assistant lecturers, principal research officers, chief research officers, senior research officers and research officers of the University of Cape Town.